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Saturday, September 27, 2014

#Disney Khoobsurat (2014) Movie Review and Free Online Streaming

Movie: Disney Khoobsurat (2014)
Cast: Fawad Khan, Sonam Kapoor, Kiron Kher
Genre: Drama, Romance

Disney Khoobsurat is a remake of an old Bollywood flick by the same name that starred Rekha and Ashok Kumar. The 2014 version however stars the newest heartthrob of the subcontinent Fawad Khan alongside Sonam Kapoor and the duo create some Disney style magic on screen.
A true Disney Tale, Khoobsurat is set in a royal environment of the Rathor family with grand locations and palaces. The Royal family is very aptly cast and the characterization of both Fawad and Sonam is flawless.
Fawad Khan looks the part as the enigmatic prince charming who personifies class and stature and is also exceptionally good looking. Fawad's undeniable looks have once again made him capture the audience through the entire screen time that he was provided by the script. His role is very well played and written and he looks very very attractive and leaves a lasting impression with his soft yet powerful performance.
Sonam, I thought contrary to popular belief, has really produced the best performance of her career thus far. She brought out the craziness that Milli possesses in a way that was the demand of the script. Her role makes the distinction of Royalty and a misfit perfectly clear and also brings laughter and freshness to every scene that she is in. Apart from the performance itself, it must be said that casting Sonam for this role or writing such a role for Sonam was an amazing decision because Sonam herself is known for being erratic with what she says and does and most of what she says makes very little sense. I thought that Sonam Kapoor's performance in Khoobsurat was outstanding and could even be award worthy. A special note of appreciation should go to the dress designer for Sonam who contributed heavily to the character of Milli and brought the real Milli alive. 
Kiron Kher as Manju was exceptional and hilarious in Khoobsurat and lifted the entire movie to a different level of comedy. The spontaneous dialog delivery from Kiron made this a role worth remembering for times to come.
Disney Khoobsurat is not only a sweet comedy but also a very well made movie with strong script and characters. It is an entertainer worth watching with the family.

Rating: 4/5

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