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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Dukhtar 2014 Movie Review and Trailer

The new Pakistani movie Dukhtar was a good experience overall with the story and presentation up to the mark. The hype however was much exaggerated than what was on offer.
When it comes to Pakistani cinema of the recent past I have a slight problem with what it represents. Titles like khuda ke liye, bol and now Dukhtar highlight the problems that women face in our country and are sensitive works of art. They however are the only notable works of cinema from our country apart from the recently acclaimed waar which was a proud Pakistani production. What this does is, sending a wrong message to the west that Pakistan is an unsafe country for women and that all people of the country are insensitive and uncultured with all women oppressed and clad in Burkas.
The fact is that we have a night life in Karachi and Lahore and our kids are world toppers in O and A levels. We have sporting legends bigger than Mary Kom who deserve a film made on their life. We have youth that is humorous and can be the subject of a fresh comedy. All these subjects need equal attention. 
We are presenting the west with stories that relate to the element we are at war with. We should present it with stories that show the enlightened youth of this country.
As far as the movie is concerned Mohib Mirza and the rest of the cast have done a great job and the movie deserves a watch and all the appreciation. It is high time however that we make movies that provide entertainment and present us as an educated and intellectual nation that like all nations has its gray shades.

Rating: 3/5

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