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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Pact 2 Movie Review and Trailer

The Pact 2 is a sequel to the horror flick from 2012 called The Pact. The movie is based on the events that happened in the prequel and is almost a continuation of the first edition. Some of the cast is also the same as the first movie.
For those who have seen The Pact, The Pact 2 would appear as more of the same that the first edition had to offer. This sequel lacks novelty and seems as a repeat of the first movie which makes it quite predictable and takes out a lot from the enjoyability factor.
The villain and his presence is also quite unclear and confusing. His nature of presence as a ghost or a physical entity is quite vague. It remains a mystery if the movie addresses the subject of possession or mental illness.
The cast has acted adequately and is overall suited to the genre. Caity Lotz does a good job in the lead and gives a believable performance. She has featured in both the prequel and this movie and has been consistently good throughout.
The Pact 2 might not be the most impressive horror flick you'd set eyes on but it still is not a dull movie. It has its moments, especially the ones where you feel the tension that the cast is experiencing. All in all it is watchable.

Rating: 2.5/5

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