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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Natalie Burn (The Expendables 3) Exclusive Interview and Pictures

I was so impressed by the amazing talent and hot assembly of Natalie Burn that I had to dig deep and get her story out of her. Here is what I found and was amazed by. This interview contains some exclusive snaps of the rising star as well.

1. Hello Natalie, your work in The Expendables 3 and Nymph was impressive to say the least, can you guide us through your early life and eventual breakthrough in Hollywood?

"You know my name you don't know my story" 

Natalie Burns
I'm just a regular girl from Ukraine, Kiev (nowadays finally everyone knows where that is) I've been fortunate enough to be given an opportunity in life to come to Hollywood to follow my dreams! I grew up during Chernobyl thinking that it's the worst thing that can happen to Ukraine, who knew that down the line years later the world will be under so many conflicts and disagreements. Only God knows what will happen next. I live each day at a time enjoying my life at its fullest. I take everything that comes my way and I look at it as a blessing. Whatever the outcome is i believe it is for the best! When I got injured several times after being a ballerina since I'm 6 years old I knew my angels are preparing me for a new life. And all I have to do is not to be scared of the changes and follow my intuition. That's when I realized that it is my moment to let go of my dance career and it was my time to take a chance and gamble big with Hollywood. Because that's what it is, It's a game and most of the time you loose. But when you win, you win big! And once you have tasted the success you can never go back to being that once 'just a regular girl'.

2. What, in your opinion, is/will be your biggest break in Hollywood?

Hollywood it's an addiction that you can not beat. Success even if it's small It's still the biggest adrenaline rush you ll ever feel. What you have to learn to control are the falls after the win. That's where so many people just loose it. I see people come and go around me all the time. I see old actors rise back up than drop down again. I see naive young people come with such attitude thinking it's an easy ride to success than quickly disappear with huge disappointments. I see drugs, parties, high expensive life, stubbing in the backs and lies accompanied with beautiful smiles. I have noticed that the toughest part about Hollywood is to sustain your name in the industry. And not just a name but a positive one! I m just lucky enough to be tasting the environment i know i still have a long way to go. And I don't know when or how it will happen. All I know for sure that when it does I ll do my best to hold on to it for as long as I can keeping my name in a positive and professional matter.  

3. In your journey so far what has been the most difficult time for you regarding your career in Hollywood?

The most difficult thing you have to be prepared to face in Hollywood are the denials. You get turned down constantly it's a game where you mostly loose. You have to become indifferent to the word 'NO' but even the strongest and most confident human beings at least once become insecure and question their talents. The key for me is to always move forward I think of my life as a success already. Hey, not bad for a girl from Ukraine. Looking back at the people that are still living in there having same interests, same places, same looks on life I quickly realize how lucky and fortunate I am to be living in Hollywood and pursuing my goals.
No matter what happens to me in the long run I see my myself succeeding already. After all I am living my dream I already became an 'Actress'! 

4. Does a casting couch exist in Hollywood?

I m sure there are people that think casting couch exists in any profession not just in Hollywood. These are the people hoping to get ahead by sleeping around. And I guess to find out how far they really get you would have to ask them about it. I personally believe in hard work and my own pace regardless how long it takes me. It's my path! 

5. Which up coming projects excite you, please give us an elaborate detail of each one you want to discuss?

I'm in pre production with a movie I wrote with Morgan Land (Iceman) "Devil's Hope" I'm going to produce and act in it. 

A cop NASSEROS goes undercover to find out who killed his girlfriend and to stop the existence of the new dangerous drug called Devils Hope. The cop finds himself get deeply trapped into a chain of mysterious murders that he tries to investigate. During his research he meets a gipsy girl Divinity who uses Voo Doo in order to help him. Unfortunately after the puzzle is revealed he finds that the truth should have never been revealed. 

Another film I'm looking forward to shooting end of 2015 it's something I wrote and will produce also "Addicts".
Synopsis: Nine addicts are being trapped in the house, which they think is a rehab center and they are all being put there by their loved once, after 9 days of misery and pain they finally realize what truth the house holds for them.

6. On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, underwear, or anything else?

I used to spend a lot of money on Cloths. But since I opened my production company 7Heaven Productions I have been spending most of my savings on scripts, developing my stories, expending my company and other film oriented stuff. I had realized cloths are just things that mean nothing. It's better to put everything you have into yourself cause in the end one day it will repay you back in a much larger scale.

7. Where do you think you will be after 25 years?

Even if I could predict the future I would prefer not to know it. I will just trust my stars and enjoy my wonderful path!

8. Describe yourself in three words?

Determent, Talented and Confident 

9. Who, in your opinion, are the most overrated actor and actress in the industry?

I think it's overrated when some first time 'actors' get the lead roles straight away because they are models or know the right someone. It's said that those people get the chance when they don't even want it. The once that have never dreamed of being a true artist, the once that never studied or spend years understanding their instrument. And just like that they are in the film trying to carry the movie and connect with the audience. I disrespect the industry sometimes for giving parts to people that in my opinion don't deserve it. When those people have no idea about acting, the work, about the choices and why we do it in the first place. True actors don't do it for fame, money or recognition they do it because they love it and there is nothing in the world they wish to do instead. 

10. What is your dream role?

I would love to play one day the part of 'Cleopatra'. The most powerful and strong women that I admire. And if that doesn't happen than I guess I would say my dream part would be someone that will help me understand myself within better. I m constantly learning, growing and one subject I have yet to truly understand is myself. 

11. How was the experience, working with a super star cast in The Expendables 3. Who were you most impressed by and why?

Being given an opportunity to be a part of the legendary cast of Expendables 3 is a dream. I can't express enough gratitude to Sylvester Stallone for casting me. Even as small of a part as I was given it was an amazing opportunity of a life time. I got to meet all the action heroes at once. After that experience I feel there is nothing I can not do. And I can't wait to see where life will take me next. While being on set of Expendable 3 I realized how very tuned in each actor is with their bodies and emotions. Each one had a different approach to acting but what mattered in the end is the outcome, they were all brilliant at their part. I learned to trust my instincts and never let anyone sidetrack me from my goals. I was most impressed with Sylvester Stallone because he had a rough path in life and he had come a long way to be where he is now. And the only thing that pushed him to not give up is his determination. One day I only wish to have succeeded as much as he has. A great writer, wonderful director, brilliant producer, true actor and a fighter! That's who I want to be when I grow up!

12. Do you see yourself as more of a hot body or is there a serious actor hidden somewhere?

I like to take care of myself and keep my body toned. It's in my blood to exercise and stay fit. I was a ballerina first part of my life and it was my first love and first love is hard to forget. I am unique in my own way and I am proud of my athletic look. I don't try to compete with anyone there are a lot of more beautiful girls than me. My goal is to always be happy with myself regardless of what people think of me. Nevertheless when it comes to films, I'm an actress and if my part requires to play a hot body model than I'll be one. And I'll live like her, breath like her and develop her into something a lot more than whats written on the pages. With that being said of course i prefer to be considered for more serious parts. I would like to stretch my abilities, challenge my emotions and take risks with my choices. Hopefully I'll be fortunate enough that people will trust in me and I'll be offered more complex characters with depth and a lot of meaning. 

13. Do you believe in flaunting it if you have it?

Your talents are what makes you, you! And why not use your every best asset you have and share it with the world. After all we are just entertainers, so let's entertain the audience and give them what they want!

14. What's the best complement you have ever received?

When people get to know me closely they hear my story and complement me on how much I have fought and  achieved at my age. Which will stay a secret :) If I say my number to some people it might sound young and they ll perhaps trust me less and give me fewer opportunities and to others my number might be too big they ll think my chances are already low in continuing and succeeding further with my career. Therefore I prefer to keep my age to myself. After all I am an actress and my range is between 18 to 35! 

15. What's the meanest thing or harshest criticism you have ever heard about yourself?

I was once told by a casting director that my audition was her worst nightmare. I personally think it was a choice that I made with my part that she didn't like and it doesn't mean it was a bad choice it was just something I guess she didn't expect. I like to take risks when I act and I m aware I can not please everyone. As long as I'm satisfied with my performance in the end it's all that matters. This industry is a tough business and you need to understand it before you commit your life to it. You have to be prepared to face a lot of rejections, but you have to look at it as a lesson and move forward with pursuing your dream!

16. Who would you want to kiss on screen if you could choose anyone?

That's a very straight forward question. I guess I'll have to go with Josh Hartnett. I absolutely loved his kiss with Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor and I guess you could say it was my dream to one day have a similar romantic scene with him on screen where we kiss as beautiful as they did. :)

17. Your message to the world and your fans?

"World Peace" to the world! And "thank you for supporting me" to my fans!  

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