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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Julia 2014 Film Review

Julia (2014) on IMDb

Julia’s journey of seeking revenge for her brutal rape.
Director: Matthew A. Brown
Running time: 95 minutes
Screenplay: Matthew A. Brown
Music composed by: Frank Hall
Cast: Ashley C. Williams, TahynaTozzi, Jack Noseworthy, Joel de la Fuente, Cary Woodworth

The film Julia 2014 revolves around a girl who is brutally raped and then seeks revenge by practicing an unacceptable form of therapy to restore herself. Ashley C. Williams plays Julia beautifully. She is a nurse. She is raped by her date and his friends after being drugged. Dumped somewhere by the water for the tides to take her, she still manages to get back to her home. The rape results in depression and drinking on a daily basis at a local bar. 

At the bar, Julia overhears a discussion about some new empowered therapy for rape victims. She then falls prey to this unacceptable therapy conducted by Dr. Sgundud, played by Jack Noseworthy. The therapy is based on some terms and conditions. One of the main terms that Dr, Sgundud put forth her is that she is not allowed to take revenge from the people who raped her. She seeks her revenge against men by acts of violence upon random victims.

Julia is a bold and powerful movie. Ashley C.William’s performance is the film’s strongest point. Phenomenal throughout the movie, Ashley did justice to her part. Overall the movie is powerful and raises questions about the rape culture. Julia is a very loud movie with very little dialogues. The movie is visually arresting, unique and worth a watch.

Julia 2014 Film Rating: 6/10

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