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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sara Castro - An interview with the star from The Shift

Sara Castro heels

Real Name: Sara Castro

Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Date of Birth: March 19th
Vital Stats:  36/25/26
Relationship Status: Single
Hair Color: Brown
Religion: Spiritual

1. Hello, you were outstanding in The Shift starring Danny Glover, can you guide us through your early life and eventual breakthrough in Hollywood? 

Thank you!! I hold The Shift very close to my heart first and foremost for the wonderful experience I had while shooting with the cast and crew. Secondly, because it touches a very delicate issue in the world today which concerns death with dignity and patients right. l play the role of Carmen, a young mother whose distraught over her little girl dying of cancer. It's heart wrenching.
I've been involved in the arts since the tender age of 5 at some capacity. Singing, dancing and acting. My two older brothers couldn't shut me up,hahahaha! That little girl still lives in me today and I love it!
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When my mother was younger, in her native Colombia, she was heavily involved in theatre. My father (Also Colombian) played several musical instruments and was in a salsa band. 

I have an uncle who is a comedian and most of my uncles and aunts sing beautifully. So lets say I was destined to be in the entertainment business somehow, ha ha

Growing up,I would go to the movies often and would just sit there and watch people's reactions while watching a film, which led me to say "Wow,I wanna move people like that one day."

2. In your journey so far what has been the most difficult time for you regarding your career in Hollywood? What, in your opinion, is/will be your biggest break in Hollywood?
Sara Castro The Film Guide

I think it would have to be the inconsistent work. I remember once I was working on a film, it was the last day and I was on set 16 hours. When I got home I had such an adrenaline rush I couldn't go to bed, hahaha!!

Which leads to what will be my biggest break I guess, not having to wonder anymore when my next job will come.
Adnan: That day will come pretty soon considering the fact that the camera absolutely adores you.

3. Does a casting couch exist in Hollywood?
I believe it does, however I personally, have not encountered it, which makes me proud to be the Latina Actress that I am. I think its important to be a role model to women of all ethnicities who have the same dream. I think its important to convey the message to the world  that your dreams CAN be achieved with hard work, persistence and passion.It may take you a little longer, but it will be done through true merit.

4. Which up coming projects excite you, please give us an elaborate detail of each one you want to discuss? 

Sara Castro Short SkirtOutcall  is a project I'm so excited to work on. I play a very challenging role and those are exactly the roles I like to take on. I love to grow in my craft with each project I'm a part of.  Besides that,I get to work with veteran T.V and film director Richard Friedman for a second time. I worked with him in Halfway to Hell ,an award winning film I am so proud to be a part of.

Then also shooting before the end of the year is The Long way feature film. A comedy where I play the role of Angie, a sexy wild child who runs into a guy right out of college taking a road trip to L.A from Oregon in pursuit of his dream to become a writer. My character Angie, makes it her pet project to teach him one or two things about life.

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5. On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, underwear or anything else?

I can't lie, I love shoes!! haha. however, I'm a big time foodie! I love savoring different cuisines and discovering new restaurants around town. I love to travel and learn about different cultures. 

What I'm most excited about in a near future is becoming a big philanthropist and giving to the less fortunate. I'm a big believer in paying it forward.

6. Where do you think you will be after 25 years?

I see myself doing the same thing, Acting, continuing to make a difference with my colorful roles and my philanthropy work.

7.Describe yourself in three words?

Driven, Strong, Compassionate.

Sara Castro Backless

8. Who, in your opinion, are the most overrated actor and actress in the industry?

If they are overrated, then that means they're publicist must be doing a great job, haha. To each their own.

9. What is your dream role/project?

A role in a very credible film which will earn me an Oscar or Golden Globe award. I would also love a role like Claire Danes in Homeland. I'm a sucker for those kind of complex characters.

Sara Castro LegsSara Castro The Film guide

10. What do you enjoy more, film or television?

I enjoy both which would make it hard to say. However, in film you have more of an opportunity to be free and colorful with your character.

11. Do you see yourself as more of a hot body or is there a serious actor hidden somewhere?

There is definitely a serious actor in this body. I always want to be recognized for my craft and not just for my looks but I guess they both go hand in hand in this business.

Sara Castro Cleavage

I rather hear someone say  "Sara is such an amazing actress, she moved me" rather than "She's hot."

12. Do you believe in flaunting it if you have it?

Yes, to some capacity. However, I'm a big believer that confidence is the sexiest and hottest attribute you can have going for yourself.

Sara Castro faceSara Castro smile

13. What are your views about sex in cinema, how far would you go to make a role convincing in this regard? Is there a line that you wouldn't cross or would you be willing to give the audience the real feel?

Well now a days, scenes can be shot in certain angles to give it a certain illusion per say. I think if you are a skilled actor you can convince the audience without having to go too far.

Sara Castro sexy14. What's the best compliment you have ever received?

I was at a screening of one of my films and a lady came up to me and thanked me for delivering a honest and moving performance. Hearing that was priceless to me. That is why I'm in the game.

15. What's the meanest thing or harshest criticism you have ever heard about yourself?

I was bullied a lot in grade school and sometimes in High School, but that only made me stronger and braver. I owe it to those kids in some extent for making me the strong woman I am today. One thing I LOVE doing is proving people wrong, it fuels my fire more.

16. Who would you want to kiss on screen if you could choose anyone? 

Sara Castro sexyVincent Piazza from Boardwalk Empire.

17. Your message to the world and your fans?

Thank you for the support and love!!!  Believe in yourself, you can do whatever you put your mind to do. Remember to always come from a place of gratitude.

18. A few words about

I am very  grateful for this opportunity, thank you for allowing me to share some of me with your readers. Rocks!!!

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