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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Art of the Devil 2 - Review

I am a big fan of sick horror flicks and gory thrillers. With Hannibal Lector as my favorite on-screen character (played to perfection by his highness Anthony Hopkins) and the likes of Saw and Hostel a constant feature of my collection, I have had my fare share of SCARE! But believe you me, the film I'm gonna review for you today is SICK!
Its called "The Art of the Devil 2". It is the second edition of the Thai trilogy and it is one not recommended for the weak of heart or stomach. The film is based on Black Magic and how it stays with the ones who initiate it. It is scary, creepy and has a great flowing storyline. It grips the audience and compels them to see it in one go. The detail to GORE is amazing and gives you a walkthrough on basic human anatomy :P
The cast is young, sexy and fresh. They have acted well and have complemented the theme to perfection. The movie could potentially have more sizzle as far as skin show is concerned, the only major skin show that we get in the movie is unfortunate with the skin not intact on the body!!

All in all it is a film you could put dares on to watch in the dark alone! It is horrific and at times gut wrenching. Give it a watch and judge for yourself, because I dont want to be a spoiler!

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