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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Band Baaja Baraat - A Review

No matter which part of the world you’re in, a Desi wedding is always filled with glitz and glamour. Band Baaja Baraat is all about the colors of a subcontinental marriage. With Anushka Sharma and newbie Ranveer Singh as lead actors, you can be sure you are going to have freshness filling the screens!

Shruti Kakkar (Anushka Sharma) is your typical Delhi no nonsense girl who is dead keen on becoming India’s best wedding planner. In fact, she has her business set out for her and intends to pursue "Shaadi Mubarak" as soon as her exams are finished. Bittoo Sharma (Ranveer Singh). Ambitionless, Bittoo finds himself running out of reasons to head home to his father’s farm and thus, after a small wedding-crasher encounter with Shruti convinces her to let him join in on the wedding planning business. What happens next is your everyday love story. To give away more than that would ruin the experience; so go buy a ticket!

Band Baaja Baraat gives you the festive feeling. It is incredibly entertaining. You are sucked into a world of incredible weddings and witness the innate planning it takes to be a wedding planner. As a director, Maneesh Sharma does well to bring the theme of weddings and even the aura of Delhi to the forefront. Of course, you can pretty much guess post the interval where the film is headed and so it comes as no surprise leading up to the climax but even then, it manages to entertain. What helps the film is the great music by Salim-Sulaiman. Each and every song is fabulous to listen and a treat to watch simply because they look and seem so natural.

Should you watch Band Baaja Baraat? For sure! Don’t expect groundbreaking cinema here, you won’t get it. But you do walk out feeling happy and refreshed.

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