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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buried (2010) Review

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Movie: Buried (2010)
Cast: Ryan Reynolds
Rating: 4/5
A man trapped in a coffin underneath the sand somewhere in Iraq is what Buried is about. Its novelty lies in the fact that it only shows a man inside a coffin and nothing else. The man is played by Ryan Reynolds who has acted extremely well in the solo performance. The rest of the characters are voices on a cell phone.
The movie deals with the emotions and memories that go through a person's mind when death is only a matter of time. The film shows the true nature of life in that it is unpredictable and can end instantly. It points out the importance of things we take for granted like light, water and air.
Ryan Reynolds has portrayed misery, hope, courage and patience and the lack of it in one performance he can be really proud of. While the thought of seeing a rough man in a coffin for two hours can make many run away from investing time in it (a half dressed woman in the same predicament would raise some interest), Buried is really gripping. The treatment of the film is very original and the pun at how we are becoming more "organized" and less "sensitive" by the minute is well executed.
The dialogue, the key in such a movie, is very well-written and delivered and makes the audience associate with the pain and hope of the sole character.
I'll leave the end to dawn upon you in the way it is supposed to and will not discuss it. I feel the film has substance and class and recommend it strongly!

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