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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Name Is Khan - A Review

The Karan Jauhar / Shahrukh Khan production " My name is khan" is a film that has defined a new kind of cinema in the sub-continent. In a film industry plagued by remakes of hollywood films like Teen Patti (21), Stranger ( Man on fire), Gajini ( momento), Qayamat ( The rock) and amongst an audience that loves to see the lavish love story themes comes a film that speaks the truth and nothing but.

The greatest thing notable in this film is the pride that the protagonist holds in the ownership of his religion inspite of the taboo that surrounds it. The incapability of "Khan" to feel subtle emotions renders him the strength to say what he sees without any inhibition.

Shahrukh Khan seems to have found a lost connection with his religion and it exudes from every expression that he gives in the film. He seems as proud to be a muslim as "Khan" does.

The film also gives an underlying feeling that however secular India maybe the prejudice that muslims have faced after 9/11 has also been transmitted in the muslim society in India. The frustration in the dialogue " My name is khan and I am not a terrorist" seem mutual to the character and the performer.

Hats of to the legend Shahrukh Khan on giving his best performance and on rendering a service to the cause of Islam. This is true Jihad, where an image of Islam is presented its values are upheld.

May Allah bless Khan and may he be saved from the evil of "terrorists" like the Shiv Sena.

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