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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paranormal Activity 2 :Review

Article first published as Review: Paranormal Activity 2 on Technorati.

Movie: Paranormal Activity 2
Cast: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat and Molly Ephraim
Rating: 3/5
The much-awaited second edition of the horror sensation Paranormal Activity is a well-made film, for starters. What the film lacks is that, being a sequel, it has lost the advantage that Paranormal Activity had, in that people were fooled into believing that it was a true story!
The movie has all the ingredients of a conventional horror flick. The special effects, the spooky environment, the big bungalow, the Spanish witchdoctor of a maid and a little baby.
Children are the cutest and the scariest of creatures. Be it in The Omen or Chucky, the thought of an innocent creature being a deadly demon has haunted many. The difference in Paranormal Activity 2 is that the child here is at the receiving end! The scenes where the paranormal entity interacts with the child are especially disturbing as one feel sympathy for the little one and anger towards the parents who are intent on leaving the child alone in a room knowing that the house is haunted!
The movie is a prequel of the original and the events start a couple of months before Micah's death in the first film. The rest is for you to watch, as I hate to be the spoiler! In fact, my reviews are short because I believe in encouraging the reader to see the film rather than telling him the story.

The cast has acted well with Molly spicing up the screen. The rest have given good performances, considering all they had to do was react to the special effects. I especially liked the dog, though, since it was the only one concerned for the child.

The film had quite a margin for spicy scenes and sexy punctuations, but it does not dwell in that territory. It would have been awesome if it had made use of the generous assets of the female cast!
Nothing special but it is a scary one especially when seen in a dark room. Certainly worth a watch, but no compulsions.

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