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Saturday, February 5, 2011

9 Songs (2004) Review

Article first published as Review: 9 Songs (2010) on Technorati.

Movie: 9 Songs (Blu-Ray) (2010)
Cast: Kieran O'Brien, Margo Stilley and Huw Bunford
Rating: 3.5/5

Love stories come and go but the aura created by the one of a kind 9 Songs is unmatched. The 2004 film is now back on Blu-Ray. The blatantly sensual and provocative film presents a story of love making influenced by 9 Songs from different concerts that a couple attends. It is a movie that shows the power of music and its ability to enhance or subside pain and to impart sorrow and joy.
Matt, a young glaciologist, soars across the vast, silent, icebound immensities of the South Pole as he recalls his love affair with Lisa. They met in a concert in London and end up in the bed making steamy love. In the several months that follow they embark on a sexually passionate journey that is guided by 9 songs from 9 concerts they attend.
With genuine sex scenes presented in the most artistic ways possible 9 Songs is a unique love story that shows the difference between pornography and love-making on film. The authentic oral scenes and intercourse makes it unsuitable for all audiences but still to call it porn would be a disgrace. It is always mentioned in various film directories as a drama or a love story rather than porn and that is a completely just judgement on the film.

Margo Stilley looks erotic and lustful yet deeply in love. Her body is an instrument for the musician to make magic with. She has depicted Lisa's pain and joy with masterful acting. With sex being the main subject of the film she has made every scene look extremely enchanting and is the real hard on in the film.
Films like 9 Songs and Nude Nuns with Big Guns (although of different genres) prove that purposeful nudity and real sex in a well made Hollywood feature can be an added asset if portrayed with seriousness and class rather than purposeless exposure.

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