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Friday, February 4, 2011

Inception (2010) Review

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Movie: Inception (2010)Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page
Rating: 4/5

Leonardo DiCaprio adds a feather to his cap with another amazing movie, Inception. With Blood Diamond, Catch me if You CanShutter Island and Titanic on his resume, one could hardly believe that Leonardo DiCaprio would again feature in a film that would be a hall-of-famer. He did it with Inception, a complex but entertaining film that explores the very depth of a human mind and its extremities.
Leo DiCaprio plays Dom Cobb an exceptionally skilled thief. In a world where it is possible to go deep into a human mind, Cobb specializes in stealing ideas and information from peoples' mind. This rare ability makes him both a professional in demand and a wanted criminal. He gets an offer to get his life back by doing one more job. This time however he has to achieve the near-impossible task of planting an idea rather than stealing one through a process called inception. The story is a layered saga of effort and preparations made to accomplish this task. With an expert team and incredible talents, Cobb seems on course until an unbeatable adversary decides to pop in and sabotage the plan. The rest is for the audiences to savor, so go on watch it!
Christopher Nolan has outdone himself and for a person who has Memento to his credit, this is a big statement. He has come up with a complicated, layered presentation that begs the audience's attention. In a world plagued by remakes and cheap action flicks and polluted with mindless comedies, here is a film that can give you a headache with the attention it demands. You can easily miss something if you do not follow meticulously, and in spite of that you are bound to see it again for full comprehension.
Inception is a must watch and although the Oscar nominations have not done it justice, it is arguably the best film of the year!

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