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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Story of Fuck 2010 Review

Movie: The Story of Fuck (2010)
Cast: Finlay Robertson, Joe Absolom and Norma Atallah
Rating: 2.5/5
A fun film I stumbled upon going through a list of films online was The Story of Fuck. When I put the DVD on, I was looking for a lusty, mindless comedy that just talked about pussy and booty and presented women as a commodity and nothing else. The movie, however, was much more than that.
It is a comedy that revolves around a music promoter who is having a rough time of it and nothing seems to be going right for him. His rival in the music company is a pain in his ass and he desperately wants to get back at him.
Lewis (Finlay Roberston) gets his chance when he sees a group of losers who think of themselves as rock 'n rollers. When his new intern builds a hoax hype for a band called "Fuck" and his rival Gilbert signs that band for millions, Lewis just has to make the losers he found to agree to be members of Fuck and when they fuck up, Gilbert is fucked.
The cast has acted well with some funny dialogue. It certainly is by no means a bore, and one does enjoy it. The downside is that the film lacks depth and the script is patchy. All in all, it is a different film, but nothing too exotic.

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