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Thursday, March 24, 2011

National Lampoon's Dirty Movie (2011) Review

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Movie: National Lampoon's Dirty Movie (2011)
Cast: Christopher Meloni, Diane Neal and Stephanie Gatschet
Rating: 3.5/5 

Well, of all the dirty comedies that you could come across, National Lampoon's Dirty Movie is the most direct and uninhibited attempt at ridiculing and taunting almost everyone on the planet in one way or the other. The fact that the movie does not point at any one community or sect makes it an enjoyable watch since one can laugh at one's own self and others alike.
As for the story of the film, there is none! The film is a collection of jokes acted on screen and put together in no particular order or form. They are just independent jokes and nothing more. Jokes range from pedophiles, to Arabs, to Jews, to Niggers and so on. The quality of jokes and the dirtiness that they possess is especially of great interest.
Apart from the jokes themselves the double standards about jokes are also a topic of discussion in this film. It sheds light on how we are prepared to laugh on others and not our own selves and ideas.
All in all it is a great watch with titties flapping and bouncing and jokes flowing like a river of excitement. If it doesn't get you crying with laughter it might wet you in other places of importance.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Due Date (2010) Review

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Movie: Due Date (2010)
Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Zach Galifianakis and Michelle Monaghan
Rating: 4/5

It is very seldom that a comedy is as gripping as Due Date without a female lead featuring in it. Most comedies take the help of a woman's sexuality, bordering on the edge of obscenity in order to create a surprise for the audience. Due date is nothing like that. It is an amazing film and one that should not be classified under a single genre. It is not only a comedy but a drama as well.
Due date is about two men from distinctly different setups and backgrounds who hook up in bizarre circumstances and end up travelling together. Peter Highman is a successful businessman who is having the worst day of his life. He has to reach Los Angeles to see the birth of his child but fate has other things in mind. He meets Ethan Tremblay a loser by every definition but his own and in extraordinary circumstances both of them end up on a no fly list when Ethan's drugs are caught from Peter's luggage. What follows is a worth seeing story of this couple's journey to Los Angeles.
Robert Downey Jr. as Peter has outdone himself and proved that his comic timing is amazing. Zach Galifianakis has played a very difficult role with utter ease and makes you both love and hate him in every scene he performs in. The rest of the cast is negligible but adequate.
Please do watch the film because it is a wonderfully told story and deserves all the audience it gets.

Hereafter (2010) Review

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Movie: Hereafter (2010)
Cast: Matt Damon, Cécile De France and Bryce Dallas Howard
Rating: 2/5

One of the biggest disappointments in recent memory for me has been the much hyped Hereafter starring Matt Damon. Being a fan of the actor and his work in films like Green Zone, The Borne trilogy etc. I expected him to carry the film on his shoulders and make it a wonderful experience. The performance from his was dull to say the least but it is not entirely his fault.
Hereafter lacks a script and that too in entirety. It is a patchy film with many tragic incidents put together but by the end hardly any one of them connects to the main protagonist in a way that is gripping or inspiring.
The acting is average and for a supposedly traumatic storyline they lacked the emotional magnetism required for the to make an impact.
The yawning stretches of continuous, seemingly unmoving scenes and situations makes for a very droopy and gloomy viewing experience with no depth of story or dialog.
All in all Hereafter is a shame and can easily be avoided. Don't be fooled by Matt Damon's picture on the cover, this is by far his worst till date!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Robot (2010) [Bollywood] Review

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Robot 2010

Movie: Robot (2010)
Cast: Rajni kanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Rating: 4.5/5

It is very seldom that one is totally blown away by the action sequences and special effects in a Bollywood flick but Super star Rajni's Robot is an exception. It is the most expensive film ever made in the history of the Indian film industry.

robot 2010 amazing pic

Robot is the story of Chitti (Rajni Kanth) a humanoid-android made by a genius scientist Vasee (Rajni Kanth). Chitti is a unique Robot in that it can learn and execute humanly possible tasks but initially is rejected by the Artificial Intelligence Authorities because of its inabilities to differentiate between right and wrong. Trying to solve the problem Vasee gives Chitti the ability to feel and therein lies the biggest problem. Chitti falls in love with Vasee's fiancée Sana (Aishwarya Rai). When Vasee finds out he dismantles Chitti and garbages him only for him to get in the hands of Vasee's rival and mentor Prof. Bora. Bora makes Chitti into a demon by giving him an extra chip. What follows is a roller coaster battle between a creator and his most prized creation.

Robot 2010 many gunsrobot 2010 open head
The acting by Rajni and Aishwarya has been outstanding. Aishwarya has looked the prettiest in a long long time and every glimpse of her in the film is a pleasure to watch. She looks like an object so attractive that a Robot can grow feelings for. Rajini as Chitti is outstanding with a Robot like expressionless face and digital movements.

Aishwarya sexy cleavageAishwarya hot breastsAishwarya robot beachAishwarya sexyAishwarya backlessAishwarya hot assAishwarya wet nakedAishwarya eyes

What is most impressive in this Sci-fi flick is the quality of special effects. It puts films like Iron man 2 to shame with the formations that Chitti takes. One particular scene with the giant serpent is absolutely amazing! The look of the film is slick and sharp and parallels any Hollywood movie.

Rajni chitti robot
I felt very strongly that if Inception had the best special effects in Hollywood this year, then Robot was its apt counter part in Planet Bollywood.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

7 Khoon Muaaf (2010) [Bollywood] Review

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Movie: 7 Khoon Muaaf (2010)
Cast: Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham, Irrfan Khan, Naseer-ud-din Shah
Rating: 3.5/5
Vishal Bhardwaj has pulled another gem out of his treasury of marvels. His new film 7 Khoon Muaaf with Priyanka Chopra leading the cast and greats like Nasir-ud-din Shah and Irrfan Khan supporting her was a treat to watch.
The film is a gripping saga of a woman's search for love and her extreme bad luck at finding it in the wrong companions every time.
Narrated by a boy who was brought up and educated by the very woman, the story of the film is about how a woman had the worst possible taste for men and how she never allowed her wrong choices to come in the way of her expressing her love. It is a story of her 7 husbands and how she murders each one of them.
Suzzanne Marie is the daughter of a very rich estate owner and is a woman who doesn't take no for an answer.
She gets everything she wants and that too on her terms. Sahab, as the narrator addresses her, has three loyal servants: a maid, a jockey and a butler. The narrator's first encounter with Suzzanne changed his life and she took the responsibility of educating him. He, however harbored a romantic attraction for her. Over the span of the years that took the narrator to grow from a 10-12 year boy to a grown-up forensic doctor "Sahab" married 6 men and then killed them one by one fabricating each murder to look like an accident. Each time helped by her servants and justified by the ill characters of her husbands she managed to escape the law.
Finally, she supposedly burnt herself to death and her burnt body came to the narrator for medical verification. The narrator confirmed her death, knowing that it wasn't her body. At a very old age the Sahab married one last time and the 7th husband was Jesus Christ. She became a nun and in the end confessed that she had committed 7 sins.
Priyanka Chopra is awesome! She should get another best actress award for this film. She just makes acting look so very easy.
The film is a great combination of story telling and acting. I have not discussed everything in detail to keep you interested in watching it. It deserves to be watched and enjoyed.

Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look at an X Rated Industry (2009) Review

Movie: Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look at an X Rated Industry (2009)
Cast: Joanna Angel, Grand Maitre de Valmont and Jenna Jameson
Rating: 4/5

I stumbled upon this film while searching for something kinky to watch and while I started watching it for fun, it took me by surprise and made me hooked up for the entire duration.
The film is a documentary by a photographer who wanted to take a closer and candid look of the porn industry. His aim was to film the porn stars in their work environment without indulging into porn.

The film maker planned a photo book on the porn industry and tried to tell the story of an industry that is tabooed yet followed in every nook of the world. He highlights how hard the adult starlets work and how seriously they take the work they do. He took classy and stylistic pictures of the very porn stars who are used to loud expression and acting.

What strikes me about the film is the in depth analysis of the porn industry in terms of emotions attached to it. I was impressed by the natural setting of the pictures taken and the girl next door attitudes of the starlets.
The inclusion of Jenna Jameson in the end and the backdrop of the AVN Awards makes for an amazing movie. It was a great experience that made me look at the porn industry more seriously and with a lesser judgment.