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Monday, March 7, 2011

Robot (2010) [Bollywood] Review

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Robot 2010

Movie: Robot (2010)
Cast: Rajni kanth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Rating: 4.5/5

It is very seldom that one is totally blown away by the action sequences and special effects in a Bollywood flick but Super star Rajni's Robot is an exception. It is the most expensive film ever made in the history of the Indian film industry.

robot 2010 amazing pic

Robot is the story of Chitti (Rajni Kanth) a humanoid-android made by a genius scientist Vasee (Rajni Kanth). Chitti is a unique Robot in that it can learn and execute humanly possible tasks but initially is rejected by the Artificial Intelligence Authorities because of its inabilities to differentiate between right and wrong. Trying to solve the problem Vasee gives Chitti the ability to feel and therein lies the biggest problem. Chitti falls in love with Vasee's fiancée Sana (Aishwarya Rai). When Vasee finds out he dismantles Chitti and garbages him only for him to get in the hands of Vasee's rival and mentor Prof. Bora. Bora makes Chitti into a demon by giving him an extra chip. What follows is a roller coaster battle between a creator and his most prized creation.

Robot 2010 many gunsrobot 2010 open head
The acting by Rajni and Aishwarya has been outstanding. Aishwarya has looked the prettiest in a long long time and every glimpse of her in the film is a pleasure to watch. She looks like an object so attractive that a Robot can grow feelings for. Rajini as Chitti is outstanding with a Robot like expressionless face and digital movements.

Aishwarya sexy cleavageAishwarya hot breastsAishwarya robot beachAishwarya sexyAishwarya backlessAishwarya hot assAishwarya wet nakedAishwarya eyes

What is most impressive in this Sci-fi flick is the quality of special effects. It puts films like Iron man 2 to shame with the formations that Chitti takes. One particular scene with the giant serpent is absolutely amazing! The look of the film is slick and sharp and parallels any Hollywood movie.

Rajni chitti robot
I felt very strongly that if Inception had the best special effects in Hollywood this year, then Robot was its apt counter part in Planet Bollywood.

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