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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Albert Nobbs (2011) Review

"I begin with the name of Allah, the most merciful".

An amazing movie with a stellar performance by Glenn Close. Albert Nobbs is a woman who spends all her life disguised as a man. Working as a waiter she is always looking to get a shop of her own, aspiring to be a tobacconist. The movie takes us on an amazing journey through her life and death.

Acting is amazing and characters are believable. The movie might seem slow but that is the beauty of it. Even silence means something in this beautifully put film. Watch out for some Oscar results!

I rate it 4.5/5. It is worth a watch!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Catch .44 (2011) Review

Catch .44 is a good attempt at venturing into Tarantino's world of film-making. The movie has a shoot'em up treatment and is actually quite good in places. The cast is a mix of some great actors and some not so very good ones. The girls are poor actors while actors like Bruce Willis and Forest Whittaker have put in amazing performances. If only the lead female actor was a decent enough performer or for that matter even an extremely hot ass the film would have turned out much better.

I rate it a 3/5 for overall decency. Have a  look!