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Friday, September 5, 2014

7500 (2014) Movie Review and Trailer

It is now very often that a relatively low budget and seemingly unknown movie turns out to be a very enjoyable experience. This shows that the cinema business has now turned into a very competitive field where a sincere effort can be richly rewarded. 7500 is a very well crafted horror/thriller that bends more towards the spiritual thriller category that an outright horror flick. It is an honest attempt at storytelling and does deliver on various levels.
The story unfolds in an airplane flight and the confines of the plane provides a perfect tension and eeriness required to make it a thrill filled ride. The fact that the audience can associate to such a situation (air travel being a risky business, especially after the Malaysian airline fiasco) brings a whole new experience to the fore. The passengers soon realize a supernatural entity has been unleashed in the airplane after a passenger dies due to trauma caused by turbulence. As bodies start disappearing they find it hard to find an explanation other than a dark force trying to kill them all one by one. The end is a great twist and is worth the watch.
The acting is honest with each passenger playing his or her part pretty well. Leslie Bibb and Amy Smart have both done appreciable work. The story and characterization is also very well executed.
I strongly recommend 7500 to all audiences. It is a family friendly film with very little gore or profanity. Barring a few swear words, the movie is a good one to watch with the wife and kids. Grab a popcorn and some soda and check it out.

Rating: 3.5/5

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