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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

O21 (2014) Movie Trailer and Preview

Operation O21 HD Official Pakistani Film Trailer [2014] Shaan Shahid, Aamina Sheikh by Funmazaa

Trailer: O21 (2014)
Cast: Shamoon Abbasi, Abdullah Ghaznavi, Shaan, Aamina Sheikh
Genre: Thriller

O21 (2014) Movie Trailer looks very sharp and it seems that finally Pakistani cinema is moving towards films that represent Pakistanis as nationalists and heroes rather than just glorifying the slums, corruption and terrorism that surrounds the country. Much like Waar, O21 seems to be a pro-Pakistan action thriller that shows how technologically apt and intellectually equipped Pakistanis are. Also it seems that there is an effort to differentiate Pakistan from Afghanistan which is an urgent need of the day.

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