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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Before I Go To Sleep (2014) Thriller Movie Preview and Trailer

Movie: Before I Go To Sleep (2014)
Director: Rowan Joffe
Writers: Rowan Joffe (screenplay), S.J. Watson (novel)
Stars: Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong

Before I Go to Sleep Trailer by Stuff We Like

Ah finally here is some good mystery! Okay first things first. You have got to see the trailer of the upcoming mystery-thriller Before I Go to Sleep. Right. Now. Here’s why.  Because it already made through to my “movies to watch before you die” list. Apologies for the lousy humor. Anyway Before I Go to Sleep is about a woman who wakes up every morning with no previous memory due to some kind of memory disorder that apparently happened after she went through an accident. What accident? Well that’s still for us to find out. Interesting? I know. 

Nicole Kidman plays the lead which by the way I found a little creepy because I have always been accustomed to seeing her play neat, elegant, graceful characters. But I guess we can count on her. And boy that teaser, whoever put it together deserves a round of applause because I can guarantee that once you see it, you are definitely going to want to watch this film. I being a mystery fan am eagerly looking forward to it. And I STRONGLY recommend you to watch it. Why? Because it’s going to be EPIC.

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