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Friday, December 26, 2014

Queen (2014) Movie Review and Trailer

An Indian girl’s journey of self-discovery when her wedding is cancelled.

Initial release: March 7, 2014 (India)
Director: VikasBahl
Music composed by: Amit Trivedi

Queen (2014) on IMDb

Cast: KanganaRanaut, Lisa Haydon, Raj Kumar Yadav, Mish Boyko, Marco Canadea.

Queen is a story of a young Indian girl, who is engaged to a typical Indian guy. The girl is devastated when her fiancé calls of their wedding. But she decides to take the honeymoon trip to Europe alone. The story is about her journey of Europe and how she discovers herself and overcomes her fears and phobias.

KanganaRanaut plays Rani in the movie. She is an under confident, shy eastern girl. Her fiancé calls off the wedding two days before it is supposed to happen. Rani is devastated and desolated. She then decides to take the pre booked honeymoon trip all by herself. In Paris, she makes a new friend, Vijayalakshmi, who works at the same hotel where Rani is staying. Together they enjoy. Vijayalakshmi shows her the brighter side of life and teaches her to be independent. Rani is a changed person when she comes back home.

On the whole, the movie is amazing. From ‘London thumakda’ to ‘Harjaiyan’, the music is fantabulous. The story is different and unique. It is a must watch. Because this movie teaches you how to take control of your life and be independent.

Rating: 4.5/5

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