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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Elizabeth Sandy - An interview with the star from Goddess of Love

Real Name: Elizabeth Sandy

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

1. Hello, you were outstanding in Goddess of Love, can you guide us through your early life and eventual breakthrough in Hollywood
Thank you. The film was so great to be involved in. I loved working with Jon Knautz and Alexis Kendra. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and was always involved in the performing arts. I worked in film, television and theater in my native Country and moved to Hollywood to further my international career. I hope to continue being involved in exciting work that stretches me as an artist and as a person.

2. In your journey so far what has been the most difficult time for you regarding your career in Hollywood? What, in your opinion, is/will be your biggest break in Hollywood?

It is definitely not an easy industry. It takes hard work and dedication. It's a continuous learning curve and it's very important to remember the artistry of being an actor as opposed to the 'business' side of the industry. I love working on projects I really believe in such as Goddess of Love and hopefully through continuing to work on projects that inspire me my 'big break' will follow.


3. Does a casting couch exist in Hollywood?
I think it would be naive to say No but I think perhaps it exists in many industries behind closed doors. You just have to try to rise above any of the seedier sides of the industry and hope your work will be what gets you recognized.

4. Which up coming projects excite you, please give us an elaborate detail of each one you want to discuss? 

I am also involved in creating my own projects. 'Starting from Scratch' ( is a feature film I helped produce and star in with James Huang. It's a romantic comedy with a lot of heart and definitely shows a different side to me than the character of Christine in Goddess of Love.

The short film 'Fail Safe' is also a co-collaboration with James Huang. That's a very sexy heist film that was very exciting to be a part of. It is 7 minutes of action and a lot of fun. It can be found online here:

5. On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, underwear or anything else?
I would have to say clothes. It's a bit of a weakness for me. That and shoes.

6. Where do you think you will be after 25 years?

Still acting. Enjoying my family and continuing to pursue the arts in many forms.

7.Describe yourself in three words?

Determined. Compassionate. Curious.

8. Who, in your opinion, are the most overrated actor and actress in the industry?

I don't want to comment on who is overrated because I don't know their story or how hard they worked to get there. I will say though that underrated actors far outweigh those who are overrated. To name a few actresses who I think are very underrated: Keri Russell, Laura Linney, Melanie Lynskey and of course Elizabeth Sandy ;)

9. What is your dream role/project?

A collaboration with like-minded people who challenge me as an actor, value my talent and welcome my ideas as an artist.

10. What do you enjoy more, film or television?
In the past I would have always said film, but there are some really great tv shows coming out now, especially by some of the less mainstream networks, such as HBO, Netflix and Hulu.

11. Do you see yourself as more of a hot body or is there a serious actor hidden somewhere?

I hope the serious actor isn't hidden at all. Lol!

12. Do you believe in flaunting it if you have it?

Sure - if you feel so inclined. Personally as an actor, I feel there needs to be a justifiable reason for the character and to be in context of the film.

13. What are your views about sex in cinema, how far would you go to make a role convincing in this regard? Is there a line that you wouldn't cross or would you be willing to give the audience the real feel?

Acting sex scenes can be important to illustrate relationships and to tell a story. There is definitely a line that I wouldn't cross and I think that's the distinction between film acting and pornography.

14. What's the best compliment you have ever received?

That I'm a talented actor.

15. What's the meanest thing or harshest criticism you have ever heard about yourself?

I've signed up for a lot of criticism in my industry - it's part of it and can be helpful as long as it's not mean-spirited. But the mean-spirited stuff still happens, I think particularly with actresses - about looks, physicality.

16. Who would you want to kiss on screen if you could choose anyone? 

I like Anthony Mackie and Daniel Craig ;).

17. Your message to the world and your fans?

Message to the world - Practice Compassion Daily.
Message to my fans - Thank you for your support. :).

18. A few words about
Film is so important to me and it's wonderful that there are blogs like this that give exposure not only to mainstream films but those hidden indie gems.


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