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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mission Impossible FallOut 2018 Hollywood Movie Review and latest film ratings by The Film Guide

Mission : Impossible Fallout
Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong.

 Mission: Impossible Fallout
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Initial release: 27 July 2018
Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Cast:  Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill 

Mission Impossible is one of the most popular franchise starring Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt.

In their up coming movie Fallout, Ethan is once again questioned on his loyalty  and his motives as he lets go of plantonium saving his team. Meanwhile CIA sends August Walker (played by Henry Cavill) an assassin to hunt him down when he goes rogue.

Hunt finds himself in a race against time, as he tries to find and stop Solomon Lane (played by Sean Harris) from destructing the world using plantonium, if not, he will be held responsible for it all.

The trailers look super cool and there are a lot of incredible action scenes. The movie is beautifully directed by Christopher McQuarrie and everyone gave their best. Talking about dedication, Tom Cruise broke his ankle while doing his own stunt but that didn't stop him from completing the scene "HERO".

Movie Review Mission : Impossible FallOut | Latest Movie Ratings



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